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Our Story

The Signal Studio is a custom home decor shop that brings affordable, personalized gifts to our customers. 

We started as an Etsy Shop and after hitting 3,000 sales decided we should have our own home online. Thank you so much for checking us out :)

My love for digital art began when I wanted to create a special portrait of my Boxer for my husband's Christmas Gift. I searched online and everything I found was either way too expensive, had a longer lead time than I expected, or looked very stylized and non-traditional. So, I changed my search criteria and figured out how to use graphic design techniques to create the perfect file. Then I found a printer and paper that gave me the exact look I wanted for my personalized gift. Fast forward to Christmas morning, my husband loved his pet portrait and then could not believe it when I told him I made it :) A few other pieces around the house and LOTS of comments from friends and family about my work... next thing I knew I was googling how to start an Etsy shop. I made my first sale to a stranger a month later and have been loving the ride ever since. 

Starting in mid-2019, I began experimenting with new designs and mediums and am loving all things personalized home decor! Designing and creating custom door mats, pillows, and tea towels perfect for updating your home of celebrating friend's and family's milestones is so much fun.

Our current best sellers are the customized coir welcome mats that make the PERFECT gift for new homeowners or couples! 


The Signal Studio - Watercolor Family Portraits

xoxo - The Signal Studio